About Us

About Us


Dear Studio Owners,

Recital Programs are a lot of work to put together.  It takes a lot of effort to solicit programs ads from parents and local businesses.  It’s complicated to keep track of everyone’s orders and payments.  It takes hours to design and layout every parent and business’s ad for the program.  Sometimes, it’s not even worth the headache.

I hear you!  That’s why I created RecitalProgramAds.com – a hassle free way for parents and local businesses to purchase their recital program ads and a robust and easy to use online ad builder.  It lets you, the studio owner sit back and relax, knowing RecitalProgramAds.com is doing the work for you, collecting program ads, ready to be inserted into your final program file.

I’m a second-generation dance studio owner and studio consultant.  I create the resources I want to use in my own studio and wish someone made for me.  With every product I develop, I focus on how it would work in my own studio and how I’d want it to work for me as a studio owner.

Talk with our team and discover how to take some work off of your plate during your busy recital season this year!  We hope to talk to you soon.

Best regards,
Joe Naftal